AMWHO 2019

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Directors' Letter

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Colleagues,

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2019 American Mock World Health Organization International Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on April 5-7th, 2019! As the second American Mock World Health Organization chapter found in the United States, our Emory University chapter is incredibly excited to be hosting the sixth annual international conference this year.

Atlanta is a hub for public and global health, beginning with Emory University and our own Rollins School of Public Health. We are also home to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Carter Center founded by former President Jimmy Carter, and the Task Force for Global Health. In this health resource-rich environment, we hope that our delegates and conference attendees feel supported and encouraged to develop creative solutions to challenging multi-level world health problems.

We are thrilled to announce that the theme for the 2019 International Conference is Breaking the Stigma: Sexual and Reproductive Health. Our goal with this conference is to bring together a diverse group of delegates, professionals, and speakers to develop skills in public health diplomacy and develop resolutions from the perspective of WHO member states. Conference attendees are also encouraged to take on the roles of non-governmental organizations, global media organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and UN agencies for this year’s conference.

In today’s social and political climate, sexual and reproductive health is a topic which we believe is of utmost importance for discussion. With different individuals, countries, and regions having a different idea on exigent topics and areas to consider in public policy, we hope that participating in this discussion will allow you to view this debatable topic from new and interesting angles and develop innovative worldwide resolutions. To elaborate on the theme, the conference will focus upon several sub-themes which are explained further in the theme brief.

We would like to thank the AMWHO National Nonprofit Board of Directors, National Advisory Board, and our Conference Executive Board for all of their hard work. Their time and effort is truly what made this conference possible. We would also like to thank Emory University for hosting and allowing us to hold this conference on their campus in the cultural hub of Atlanta.

We hope that you are as inspired by this topic as we are and we cannot wait to welcome you to our campus in just a few months!

Nivedita Potapragada and Aneesha Maini
Co-Directors, AMWHO 2019


African Region (AFRO)

Best Delegate: Kenya

Best Position Paper: Nigeria

Americas Region (AMRO)

Best Delegate: United States

Best Position Paper: Chile

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)

Best Delegate: Morocco

Best Position Paper: Al Jazeera

European Region (EURO)

Best Delegate: Hungary

Best Position Paper: United Kingdom

Western Pacific & Southeast Asian Region (WPRO/SEARO)

Best Delegate: China

Best Position Paper: Thailand

Non-Voting Delegates

Best Delegate: CCTV

Best Position Paper: CNN

Best Delegation

Best Delegation: University of Oklahoma


Rohan Yarlagadda

President, AMWHO Inc.

Nivedita Potapragada

Executive Co-Director

Aneesha Maini

Executive Co-Director

Sammy John

Theme Director

Monjori Mukerjee

Dais Director

Nimra Ahad

Co-Director of Internal Logistics

Anusha Gadipudi

Co-Director of Internal Logistics

Shreya Chodisetty

Co-Director of External Logistics

Parul Sharma

Co-Director of External Logistics

Geeta Acharya

Director of Public Relations

Kelley Lou

Co-Director of Media

Sasha Orewa

Co-Director of Media

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