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We envision a generation of global public health students equipped with the diplomatic skills to pursue Health for All.


Our mission is to develop experiences that advance the understanding of the World Health Assembly in order to empower future leaders in global health policy.


Lizzy Kosco


Abbey Wegrzynski

Vice President

Wendy Han

Director of Public Relations

Jed Casauay

Director of Logistics

Kadie Wegrzynski

Director of Media

Madalyn Grass

Director of Communications

Dylan Price

Director of Finances

Director's Letter

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Colleagues,

We are honored to host and would like to welcome you to our first annual American Mock World Health Organization One-Day Summit. Founded in the Spring of 2017, we are a young chapter with high hopes of engaging students in global public health issues, policy-making, and international diplomacy. The goals of this conference that you will be participating in is to not only simulate the World Health Assembly experience but also to build a professional network of like-minded peers and public health experts. As Conference co-directors, we aim to provide everyone involved an educationally enriching experience and more knowledge on the factors which influence international public health.   

Furthermore, this conference is to strengthen your ability to think critically about global health issues. This then gives you the tools to deal with the problems that you come across given the political, social, and economic differences in a body of people with such diversity in opinions. As a unified body, you will be working together to create what is called a resolution, in which you will outline the specific and feasible solutions to the problems that you face. In order to write these resolutions and engage in debate, we will be providing you with all necessary materials, guidance, and instruction to take your knowledge about public health topics and transition it into the position that you will be taking for the entirety of the conference as the nation that you will advocate for. We hope that by developing the skills of effective communication and critical thinking in a platform such as a mock-WHO conference that you can carry these skills over into your future learning environments and careers, no matter what they may be.

We are incredibly excited to announce our theme for this Conference: “Impacting Health through Education: A Global Perspective.” With such an assortment of socio-economic well-being across each region and the entirety of the World Health Organization, disparity and a lack of access to basic necessities such as clean water, medicines, and education are incredibly prevalent issues. It is crucial solutions are sustainable rather than short-term. Considering the varied relationship between ‘Education’ and ‘Health’ provides an insightful view on the foundation of a healthy society. Our two sub-themes under this topic are (1) Diffusion of Health Knowledge and (2) Implementation of a Sustainable Health Workforce. The sub-theme that you choose to focus on in your committee will guide the writing of your resolutions and the discussions ahead.

As the conversation surrounding public health and the growth of nations socio-economic standing continues to change, we are confident that each individual who is participating in this conference can be a beacon of change on an international scale. We hope you see the experience you have engaging with other individuals as being an opportunity to use your drive and passion to expand conversations surrounding Health and Education. At the core of the purpose of this simulation is carrying your knowledge forward to be the change that you would like to see in this world.

Additionally, our incredible executive board will be guiding you through the entire learning curve that is being able to conduct a simulation of this scale. With their passion for this organization and many diverse backgrounds, we hope you have an unforgettable experience and enjoy your development as an individual throughout the summit.

Kody Oliver and Lizzy Kosco
Co-Directors, AMWHO University of Oklahoma



Dr. Gary Raskob

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan


Susan Wegrzynski



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We appreciate having all of the delegates and staff there at our first annual One-Day summit to represent your delegations and talk about our theme, Impacting Health Through Education. It was an honor hosting all of you and we hope that all those involved will join us again next year to do it all over again!


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