AMWHO 2017

Directors' Letter

Dear prospective delegates and esteemed colleagues,

We are so proud and honored to be hosting the American Mock World Health Organization International Conference for the second year in a row in Atlanta, Georgia! The 2017 Conference is looking to enhance the model-WHO experience for all delegates and attendees with professional networking events and renowned speakers. We have been with AMWHO since the chartering of the Emory Chapter in 2015, and have seen this organization grow and reach individuals from all over the world in their endeavors to become more well-rounded healthcare professionals - and future global health leaders. As the Executive Co-Directors of the 2017 International Conference, we aim to have our delegates leave the 2017 conference weekend with an unparalleled experience centered around world-renowned global health speakers, hands-on application of the Robert’s Rules of Order, and the exploration of pressing global health issues on a wide-reaching scale.

Atlanta is the heart of global health innovation and policy in the United States, home to the Center for Disease Control, the Carter Center, and the Task Force for Global Health. This year we plan to explore all this city has to offer to participants of the conference as well as increase cross-collaboration with our model-WHO counterparts from other countries, making it a more experiential, professional, and educational weekend.

Our goal in developing the 2017 AMWHO International Conference is for you to expand your knowledge of global health issues, think critically about the political, economic, and cultural barriers that challenge global health leaders, and to work together in drafting resolutions that will be sent to the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. We will provide you with the required materials, instructions, and mentorship to easily transition into your assigned position stance during the conference. We hope that you all take the skills that you will learn from this forum and apply them to better yourself as a future leader in global health policy to improve the lives of millions around the world.

We are incredibly excited to announce the theme for AMWHO 2017 - Climate Change. Starting off the year at the height of politics, not only is the science behind climate change evolving, but it has presented itself as a rapidly emerging and controversial topic within culture, health, and policy alike. With each country having a different starting point and stance, it is your chance to employ your creativity and cooperation in structuring a resolution that addresses this issue to enact broad-scale change. At the center of debate and discussion within the United Nations, WHO, and individual country governments, global leaders have recognized that the climate system is a shared resource whose stability stems from a common understanding of global (1) culture sensitivity, (2) ethical concerns, and (3) scientific implications.

To expand upon this theme, the conference focuses on several sub-themes explained in greater detail within the theme brief. As science and the political environment continue to change, we hope you perceive this conference as your opportunity to challenge and expand climate change conversation.

Dedicated and passionate participants and professionals, such as yourself, are the core of this International Conference’s ability to thrive and make an impact. By immersing yourself in AMWHO 2017, your progress, voice, and thoughtful opinions can reach the World Health Assembly through the resolutions created at the conference. In addition, our passionate secretariat, a team of bright minds from a diverse assortment of disciplines, is dedicated in reflecting its potentials upon your conference experience.

For questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at This is your opportunity to take advantage of a simulated WHO environment to develop yourself professionally while enjoying the beautiful capital of Georgia.

We are excited to welcome you to our city and campus in a matter of months!

Sandeep Voleti & Ashwini Krishnamurthy
Co-Directors, AMWHO 2017


African Region (AFRO)

Best Delegate: Sierra Leone – Kavya Magham

Best Position Paper: Niger – Nathan Cox

Americas Region (AMRO)

Best Delegate: Brazil – Morgan Ferone

Best Position Paper: Trinidad and Tobago – Cambray Smith

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)

Best Delegate: Saudi Arabia – Daniel Crum

Best Position Paper: Oman – Monica Kung

European Region (EURO)

Best Delegate: Hungary – Isabel McHenry

Best Position Paper: United Kingdom – Robert Besch

Western Pacific & Southeast Asian Region (WPRO/SEARO)

Best Delegate: Singapore – Tarun Ramesh

Best Position Paper: Myanmar – Nishita Sheth

Non-Voting Delegates

Best Delegate: NDTV – Dhairya Shukla

Best Position Paper: Greenpeace International – Anjlee Panjwani

AMWHO 2016 Secretariat

Sandeep Voleti

Executive Co-Director

Ashwini Krishnamurthy

Executive Co-Director

Mansi Maini

External Logistics Co-Director

Katya Bobrek

External Logistics Co-Director

Nivedita Potapragada

Internal Logistics Co-Director

Rohan Yarlagadda

Internal Logistics Co-Director

Mustafa Hassoun

Dias Director

Sai Ganagoni

Finance Director

Kristi Kwok

Scholarship Director

Kelley Lou

Sponsorship Director

Eunice Lee

Media Co-Director

Claire Barnes

Media Co-Director

Sarah Elmongy

Public Relations Director

Akram Salam

Media Co-Director

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