AMWHO 2014

Directors' Letter

Dear future AMWHO participants,

Thank you for your interest in the American Mock World Health Organization, Inc. I am deeply humbled by the response of students worldwide to the country’s first and only WHO simulation-based nonprofit organization, founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014.

After my discovery of the Ontario Model World Health Organization (OMWHO) in Toronto, Canada, I attended its conference as the WHO Ambassador for the Republic of Korea. The experience immensely expanded my understanding of global health affairs, diplomatic relations, and the World Health Assembly (WHA), and I understood just how necessary such knowledge was for a future career in global health policy. The United States had never created a model-WHO based organization, inspiring me to take on the challenge of spreading global health learning opportunities for students across the country.

Our organization envisions a generation of global health students equipped with the skills and experiences to achieve health for all. To see this vision to fruition, we aim to create experiences that advance the understanding of the WHA. By forming university chapters that conduct model-WHO based activities and conferences, as well as an annual international conference inviting students from all academic fields, AMWHO, Inc. seeks to nurture an interest in global health policy often neglected in a standard health education curriculum.

The toolbox of leadership, public speaking, and diplomatic skills are becoming essential for a future global health career, positioning AMWHO as a groundbreaking organization that offers such skills not gleaned from traditional classroom teachings. The AMWHO Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Secretariat, and I are grateful for your interest in our ever-expanding organization, and look forward to having you as a delegate, or working with you to establish a chapter at your own university.


Neha Acharya, MPH
Founder and Chief Executive Chair


African Region (AFRO)

Best Delegate: Republic of Mozambique

Best Position Paper: Republic of Uganda

Americas Region (AMRO)

Best Delegate: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Best Position Paper: Plurinational State of Bolivia

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)

Best Delegate: Libya

Best Position Paper: Kingdom of Morocco

European Region (EURO)

Best Delegate: Russian Federation

Best Position Paper: Republic of Italy

Western Pacific & Southeast Asian Region (WPRO/SEARO)

Best Delegate: Kingdom of Cambodia

Best Position Paper: Japan

AMWHO 2014 Secretariat

Neha Acharya

Director & W. Pacific & S.E. Asia Chair

Camille Diamond

W. Pacific & S.E. Asia Vice Chair

Manish Sreevatsava

W. Pacific & S.E. Asia Technical Assistant

Mia Lei

African Chair

Tsion Ghedamu

African Vice Chair

Rizul Naithani

African Technical Assistant

Edith Lee

Americas Chair

Jessica Lam

Americas Vice Chair

Sapna Patel

Americas Technical Assistant

Chisimdi Onwuteaka

European Chair

Maya Kiel

European Vice Chair

Simone Reaves

European Technical Assistant

Dilshad Jaff

Eastern Mediterranean Chair

Youmna Elkamhawy

Eastern Mediterranean Vice Chair

Flannery Bowman

Eastern Mediterranean Technical Assistant

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